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One Woman Litigation Firm


Rieneke Reijnen is an attorney at law. She specializes in corporate litigation, with a clear focus on commercial torts and contract litigation. Rieneke is a strong analyst with a creative mind. She has a deep knowledge of private international law. Rieneke is a professional. A sharp, independent thinker. Because of her experience as attorney in Supreme Court litigation, Rieneke has a keen eye for the tactics and technique of litigating in all instances.
She efficiently maps out the good and bad chances of the case.
For plaintiffs, to reach the full potential of the case.
For defendants, to avoid or limit liability. With over seventeen years of experience in litigation, Rieneke understands the strategy of the other party and the way judges think. Rieneke is dedicated, straightforward and accessible. She’d be pleased to help you out.


Reijnen Litigation is a one woman litigation firm.Flexibly and robustly. Rieneke provides you with a clear analysis of the case and writes convincing court statements. She represents you in court proceedings before district courts and higher courts. She helps you take the decision to either litigate or settle, to appeal or not to appeal. To invest in the proceedings or not. 

For clients

Rieneke helps you when help is needed most. In commercial disputes, whether you are plaintiff or defendant. In proceedings before district courts and higher courts.

For lawyers

Rieneke acts as local (co-)counsel in proceedings with Dutch aspects. As an external specialist for part of the case. By providing a second opinion or analysis of a judgment with an eye to possible appeals proceedings

For litigation funders

When you need to decide on whether or not investing in proceedings and need a fresh, critical eye on the file.

Do you require more information? Please let me know, I look forward to helping you out.


Rieneke has more than seventeen years of specialized experience in corporate and commercial litigation and litigation advice. With Houthoff, Spigt Litigators and bureau Brandeis. Where true litigators are trained.


Rieneke has litigated numerous cases, for all sorts of justices and tribunals. Besides litigating, she advises on strategy and the chances of success in complex cases. As these cases often have an international context, Rieneke’s in-depth knowledge of private international law often comes in handy.

In 2013, Rieneke successfully completed post-graduate studies in corporate liability law at Grotius Academy.

Some of My work

  • Assisting a claims foundation regarding possible proceedings with respect to the Diesel scandal.
  • Advising a claims foundation as a plaintiff regarding possible proceedings against participants of a large European cartel.
  • Providing litigation advice regarding a services contract in the entertainment industry. Pre- and post contractual duties of care, conflicts of interest.
  • Providing litigation advice regarding jurisdiction and applicable law in securities litigation with respect to a Dutch public company listed abroad.  
  • Representing the former chairman of the board of an institute for midlevel practical education in proceedings instigated on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Education. 
  • Defending the former director of a real estate investment company, in proceedings on the basis of prospectus liability, commenced by a claims organization (stichting) on the basis of article 3:305a DCC. 
  • Acting on behalf of a trust services provider in proceedings instigated by a tax planning services provider, regarding the transfer of a client portfolio to another trust services provider.